Monday, June 2, 2014

Surfing Contest

Surfing...something of which I know nothing about!  I am from Kansas enough said.  There we have puddles, ponds and lakes. However, I am human and can surely appreciate the ocean that I seldom get to see.  For this next Spoonflower contest we were given a restricted color palette and for me that is always a challenge.

With almost every design I sit with my children around a brainstorming table.  I share the theme of the contest and then everyone starts shouting out their ideas.  Now you know my little secret. :)  When I told them about the Surfing Contest the eight year old said..."Bunnies on surfboards!" Then the five year old said..."Orange shark fins!"  Her favorite color is orange.  Perfect I thought since there happens to be an orangish color in the restricted palette.  All ideas get written down because you never know when you might one day get inspired to create such things as bunnies on surfboards.  I love the way kids think.  Without further ado here is my design for the Surfing Contest titled Fins & Boards.


The Surfing Contest at Spoonflower will begin on Thursday, June 5th.  Would love to get your vote if you like my design!  Click here to vote for your favorites.