Friday, March 8, 2013

Furniture Project

As a new designer nothing excites me more than to see my designs become something beautiful.  Recently a very talented buyer at Spoonflower purchased one of my earlier designs.  This was one of the first designs I did in a collection called Daydreams and Dandelions.  I was teaching myself placement and colors and figuring out basic repeat of the design while learning Photoshop all at the same time.  It was all very much a challenge but a good challenge.  It feels like every day I'm learning something new in the design world.  What I appreciate most about Spoonflower is that I've been learning as I go in an incredibly supportive community of fellow designers.  Their comments and supportive words keep me going, and seeing what they create on a daily basis inspires me to do more and do better.  

So getting back to finished projects.  It's such a blast to design but there are no words when someone actually purchases your design to make something beautiful and then takes the time to share it with you.  I was thrilled last week and on cloud nine actually when a purchase was made of my fabric design and created into this project you see here.


This fabric design is titled Daydreams And Dandelions Butterfly Trail.  I love everything about this project.  I love the shelves and the butterfly knobs and the white trim.  I also love the soft green and purple up against the white.  It is things like this that keep me going.  Especially when I hear that voice in my head that says... What are you doing??...Just quit now!  Gorgeous projects like this are exactly what inspire me to continue designing.  I'd like to thank the talented Butterflycharmangel who created this furniture project and all of the others who have created something fun or beautiful with my designs.  I am so very grateful for you all!  You all help me to keep on keeping on! 


  1. Wow, that's quite lovely! Congrats on your Spoonflower successes, dahling!

    1. Thank you Danzel! You have been so supportive since I began this new adventure. It means a lot to me!! XOXO

  2. Totally awesome! Your design looks great with the white! High Five!

  3. High Five Sheila! You're the best. So happy to have met you at Spoonflower. When I was writing in the blog about the Spoonflower designers and community you were certainly on my mind! :-)

  4. Hello! I am such a spoonflower newbie that I'm not sure how to comment exactly under your comment over there! - but wanted to say thank you so much for looking at my fabric and leaving your nice note. I have really enjoyed looking around your site -- I love the "Power of Books" fabric in particular!

  5. Hi Katy! Thank you! I'm thrilled you stopped by to see my blog. I saw your gardening design this morning and loved it. You have such a sweet and whimsical style. I look forward to following your designs at Spoonflower. -Tara