Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Paper Collage Cakes Contest

This week's contest at Spoonflower is the Paper Collage Cakes Contest.  I created this design completely out of watercolor paints and watercolor paper.  My design is called Cupcakes and is now available for purchase!  For this contest we had to create the design out of paper only.  I will be very honest...I'm not sure which was harder not getting to use photoshop like I'm used to, or the fact that I could not find my scissors and had to use my three year old daughter's safety scissors to create this masterpiece. 

This was a very fun competition for me.  I was inspired by a local cupcake business here in Plano, Texas called Sugar Queen Cupcakes

You do not have to be a member to vote and the last day to vote for your favorite designs will be on Wednesday, July 18th.  Also click here to check out my entire collection.

Anyone craving cupcakes yet?  I know I am!!! :-)

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