Monday, August 20, 2012

Spoonflower Collage

I am so excited!  This week my design was chosen to be in the Spoonflower collage.  It's probably silly really but for some reason I just think it's so cool to have my design be in the collage they put together to announce the new weekly contest.  This will be my second time to be in a collage.  The first time was in the Paper Collage Cakes Contest.  My fabric design Cupcakes is now available for purchase.  If you would like to see my newest collection please click on Gone Camping.  If you are interested in purchasing any of the fabrics please contact me and I will make it available for purchase as soon as possible. 

Spoonflower really has a great blog to check out.  They are always posting interviews with designers, information about the contests, weekly giveaways, helpful tutorials and fun creative ideas for craft and fabric projects.  Definitely worth your time to check it out!  If you would like to take a look at Spoonflower's blog please click here.   You can also keep up to date with what's new at Spoonflower on Facebook by clicking Like.  Here is the Spoonflower Facebook Link.  Featured on Spoonflower's Facebook Wall you will see the Camping Contest Collage that I am so excited about.

Camping Contest Collage
My design Gone Camping is in the third row down fourth one over.

Paper Collage Cakes Contest Collage

My design Cupcakes is in the first row on the top third one over.

Thanks for checking out my blog!  The support has been tremendous and so appreciated! 


  1. Congrats! That's really cool. It has to be a good feeling to see your design featured so prominently. xxxooo

  2. I noticed that your fabric was in the collage! The camping fabrics were tons of fun to look at! I loved so many this week.