Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Captain Pajamas Defender of the Universe!

Have you ever seen the book Captain Pajamas Defender of the Universe?  Fun...fun...fun...fun...fun!  My mother found this book for my oldest daughter two years ago and gave it to her for Christmas.  The book is by Bruce Whatley and Rosie Smith.  It is really funny.  Every time I read this book to the kids I of course have to use my best superhero voice.  The girls especially love the dog Shadow and all of his shenanigans.  This book inspired my daughter so much so that I caught her doing this and of course had to run and go grab the camera.  Moments like these should most definitely be captured, I mean after all, our very own Captain Pajamas Defender of the Universe was in the house!

All inspired by this great book!



  1. How cute! I hadn't seen that one before. These pictures are a scream! What a great moment to capture.

  2. Thanks Danzel! We think it's a pretty funny book. You and the girls will have to check it out and let us know what you think. :-)