Saturday, November 17, 2012

Chili & Cinnamon Rolls

There is just something so special about the combination of chili and cinnamon rolls together.  My entire hometown looked forward to that incredible combo of chili and cinnamon rolls served in the school cafeteria for dinner right before the big homecoming game. 

Now I've moved to another state, another town, but have carried on the tradition of chili and cinnamon rolls in my home.  Usually I make it our tradition to have it for dinner on Halloween before the trick or treating begins, but this year my daughter fell ill and so Grandma's homemade chicken noodle soup took its place.  I'll be sure to share that fabulous healing recipe in a future post, but right now I just want to talk chili and cinnamon rolls. 

When my husband met me he thought I was crazy to put chili and cinnamon rolls together on the table.  Now he can't enjoy chili any other way!  Our way of doing it is we don't wait to finish the chili before having the cinnamon roll.  Oh no!  Oh no, no, no!  You take a bite of chili, you take a bite of cinnamon roll, you take a bite of get it?  There is no eat your dinner first before dessert.  That rule doesn't apply here! 

So for this post I wanted to share a great family chili and cinnamon roll recipe with you all.  This chili recipe comes from my Grandfather's church.  To those who have experienced and enjoyed the bliss of this combo then you know exactly what I am talking about here, and to those who have never tried it before I encourage you to do so because I truly believe you will never look back!  You may even add this to your list of fun fall family traditions.

The Pastor Wife’s Chili

This is a perfect basic mild chili recipe.

1 lb of ground round or ground sirloin

1 – 15 ounce can of tomato sauce

2 –  16 ounce cans of mild chili beans

2 Cups of water

1 Bay Leaf

Salt and Pepper to taste

1 teaspoon of Chili Powder

Fry the meat with salt and pepper stirring until cooked, drain the fat.  Add the rest of the ingredients, stir well and simmer on the stove slightly covered until the chili thickens.  After it cooks, remember to remove the Bay Leaf.  

The Pastor’s wife made this chili simple so everyone would like it.  She would set out bowls of cheddar cheese, sliced fancy onions, sour cream and Fritos.  The chili powder was passed around so everyone who wanted extra spice could add their own. 

You can make this with a crockpotstockpot or a sauce pot whichever you prefer.

Our family favorite cinnamon rolls recipe is in the Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook.  Here is a link to the Better Homes and Gardens website to see the recipe we've loved over the years.

I also highly recommend two great cookbooks!

Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book and Killer Chili:  Savory Recipes from North America's Favorite Chili Restaurants.

Best part of all is the chili always tastes better the second day!  Just warm up the cinnamon rolls, or make a new batch or keep a roll of Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon Rolls handy!!

For a little extra ambiance add festive music to your chili dinner.  Check out these fabulous cds by Joaquin Rodrigo called  Malagueña: Spanish Guitar Music and Rodrigo: Concierto de Aranjuez; Fantasía para un Gentilhombre. 
Go and enjoy the taste of fall! 


  1. Well, I make my chili vegetarian-style, but now I want to try it with cinnamon rolls! I have a feeling my hubby would love it. ;o)

  2. That's awesome Danzel! I make it vegetarian-style for myself too. This recipe has been in the family forever and my husband loves it. I love that you are going to try it next time with the cinnamon rolls. Let me know what you and hubby think, and if you think I'm crazy that's okay. I can take it! :-)

    1. Actually, when I mentioned it to Jason, he said, "Oooo, that makes sense." I think he's excited to try it.

  3. You must have grown up in KS or NE. I'm a KS girl living in TN where they eat catfish and spaghetti and chicken and waffles and they freak out when I mention chili and cinnamon rolls. Ha! They've no idea what they are missing. Come football season I get all geared up for chili and cinnamon rolls. Mm-mm good!

  4. You nailed it Nana! :-) I grew up in a town called Rose Hill, Kansas about 15 minutes from Wichita. Your comment made me smile! So glad you found this post. It's always nice to connect with a fellow Kansan!