Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Favorite Fall Book Winner Is....

By Beth Hayden

Every season I will be sharing my most favorite, good to read, you're so much better off after reading it, informative teaching book.  For this fall the favorite is...drum roll please....Pinfluence:  The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business with Pinterest by Beth Hayden!  Holy cow this book is fabo!  Fabo! Fabo!  Hayden has not only made this book chock-full of advice and tips for bloggers, Pinterest users and pretty much anyone who has a computer and has some link to the social media world, but she has made it enjoyable and easy to understand.  I am not computer savvy.  Not one bit!  What takes one person ten seconds to understand, I'm banging my head on the desk ten hours later and that's no joke!!! :-)  She not only guided me through the entire book with ease her words also left me feeling inspired, capable and powerful.  That's a big deal! 

I've never wanted to hug someone so much after reading their book.  I want to hug this lady and just thank her big time, but I suppose an autograph will do just fine.  You can tell when she shares all of her tips and ideas in the book that she is genuinely wanting to help you for the better.  I like people like that, authors like that.  People who know these great things and make efforts to help others with their knowledge and expertise.  So with that said...pick up Pinfluence today.  Not tomorrow, not next week, next month or next it NOW!!!  Thank you Beth Hayden for creating such an informative and delightful book to read!

To learn more about this great book here is the book description at Amazon!
Pinterest, the rapidly growing social networking site that allows users to post and share images and videos on "pinboards" (a collection of “pins,” usually with a common theme), is providing businesses and savvy entrepreneurs with a new platform to market their products and services. And, as with any new platform, learning what works best and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing can be a challenge. Pinfluence is a complete guide to Pinterest marketing that will teach you how to effectively raise awareness for your brand, product, or service, drive traffic from Pinterest to your website, and connect with current and potential customers.

You will learn:

  • How to create a powerful Pinterest profile, your Pinterest brand strategy, set up boards, pin and repin images, and get into conversations in the Pinterest user interface.
  • Pinterest marketing techniques, including great content creation, how to optimize websites and blogs for pinning, and how to start growing your followers.
  • How to integrate Pinterest with other social media tools (including Facebook, Twitter, and blogs) and how to track trends and monitor conversation on Pinterest.
  • Advanced Pinterest marketing techniques, including how to grow your audience, how to use the Pinterest iPhone app, advice for special types of businesses (B2B companies and nonprofits), and how to make your pins and boards “sticky” so they capture public attention and influence people to change their behavior.
  • Pinterest copyright issues

Okay, now keep an eye out for my informative winter read!!  I don't know what it will be yet, but I know it will be awesomely informative! :-)         

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